Australian Oil and Gas Services (Refinery)

Oil and Gas Engineering

In the oil and gas sector, our portfolio in providing solutions to the changing logistic requirements and oil and gas process engineering includes all aspects of onshore and offshore oil and gas gathering and separation, compression and pumping, flare and blowdown, LNG gasification, refineries and terminals, and increasingly, biofuels.

Production facilities and terminals are continuously undergoing changes and are subject to lifetime extensions. Debottlenecking is therefore an important means of quantitative process optimisation.

Australian Oil and Gas Services (Towers)

Consultancy Services

Australian Oil and Gas Services Pty Ltd (AOGS) provides services to the Oil and Gas Industry. We co-operate and liaise with other Industry professionals where their experience is required. We develop links with associate companies who are able to provide equipment and process services. We maintain the highest levels of confidentiality for our clients to safeguard sensitive client information.

We provide comprehensive market analyses and feasibility studies for the oil and gas sector that form the basis for our client’s decision-making on long-term strategic oil and gas projects. We closely follow developments in the gas market and actively embrace new trends as demonstrated by our specialisation in early-phase studies for oil and gas projects and our focus on LNG industries.

Australian Oil and Gas Services (Refinery)

Training Services

Australian Oil and Gas Services Pty Ltd (AOGS) provides training course to the client for building their understanding of all of the aspects & procedures involved with processing & purifying oil and natural gas to suit customer requirements, with a particular look at the equipment/technology, plant design/operation & safety considerations.

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